12:45 Team Success Story Continental Condo Arlington VA

Nate, Phil and the 12:45 Team Did It Again!   

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Sue owned a studio condo at the Continental in Arlington, which is in Ballston.  Her main goal was to get this condo sold before the end of 2014.   The 12:45 Team delivered! 

It had been a while since Sue had sold a home, so she interviewed 3 agents and chose to work with the 12:45 Team after seeing all the experience they had and seeing the marketing plan they had to get her home sold. 

After an extensive pre-marketing plan which included some fixing up of the condo, staging and professional pictures we went live on the market October 1. There was a lot of interest being this is a hot spot in Arlington and this condo was priced very well for a first time home buyer.   After a few short weeks we were in negotiations with an investor who wanted to purchase this condo and rent it out.  After all Arlington is a great place for investors as rental prices keep increasing.

We just closed Dec 10th well before the end of the year and Sue was very happy. Sue had a contract job here in DC which allowed her to live elsewhere and pop into Arlington from time to time.  Now Sue was able to retire and Sue and her husband were headed to Arizona. 

It was a pleasure working with Sue and Sue highly recommends anyone looking to sell their home in Arlington or Northern VA/MD or DC to use the 12:45 Team.  See Sue's zillow review below.

The 12:45 Team has helped over 300 families buy, sell or invest in real estate since 2004.  We are ranked in the top 15 of all real estate agents in VA/MD and we be honored to help you reach your real estate goals.

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1 bed For Sale at Continental

851 N Glebe Rd. Arlington, VA 22203 


1 bed/1 bath Condo - #816

Enjoy life in Arlington's premier condo!! Entertain your friends & family at the roof top pool while enjoying the sun, sit back to watch a movie in the theater room, work out at the fitness center on site or take a quick stroll to the Ballston mall, metro & restaurants. Not to miss!

Listing by Keller Williams Capital Properties.

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The Biggest Mistake Sellers Make

The Biggest Mistake Sellers Make
Home prices are starting to inch up again in most areas, which is encouraging sellers to believe that their homes will sell quickly and for more money. And that's when they start making mistakes.

Don't be one of them.

Overpricing a home is the biggest mistake a seller can make. Asking a high price for your home says more about you than it does about your home. It may show you value your investment, that you have cared for the home and kept it updated and in good repair. But if the price is too high compared to other similar homes, it can make you appear unrealistic.

Buyers shop in a range that they've either been given by their lenders or one where they feel comfortable. If they're searching on the MLS, they will typically look at homes they can afford and may miss seeing the page where your home is advertised because it's out of their price range.

It's also psychologically easier for buyers to negotiate in their price target range. Buyers feel more comfortable asking for a little discount on a home within their reach than to ask you for a big discount on a more expensive home.

You won't get the more affluent buyer either. Buyers who can afford to pay the price of your home will simply compare your home to others in the same range. They will quickly find out that other homes have better locations, more square footage and snazzier finishes than yours and for the same price.

You'll find your home will get few showings and if you get any offers at all, they will be low. To get traffic to your home, you'll have to lower the price. You may find that offers still aren't coming, even though your home is now fairly priced for its location, amenities and condition.

Why wouldn't buyers jump at a price reduction? First impressions count, and you didn't make a good one. The first impression the market had of your home was that it's overpriced. An overpriced home is a reflection of the seller, not of the home.

Other agents and their buyers don't want to deal with a seller who is unrealistic. They may have already jumped to conclusions about you and your home that are more negative than you deserve. You've overpriced your home because you're unreasonable, greedy, out of touch with current market conditions, or you're heavily in debt, upside down on your mortgage, or otherwise in some sort of trouble.

A wounded seller tends to bring out the predator in buyers. Often, homes that have been repriced attract lower offers than other similar homes in the same price range. Buyers think you're desperate, so they may offer less than market value hoping you're strapped enough to take it.

It's far better to make a good first impression on the market -- that your home is offered at a fair price because you're a reasonable seller who understands your home's value and current market conditions.

Keep in mind that a home will never sell for more than a willing buyer will pay for it, or that a willing bank will finance. You're always better off pricing your home so that you can get as close to 100% of your asking price as possible.

Only then, will your home sell quickly and for more money. Written by Blanche Evans