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Cinderella's Ball - A Night To Remember

This past Saturday I had the privilege of taking my oldest daughter Kaylee to a Cinderella Ball (Father Daughter Dance) It was a local event with over 150 Fathers and their daughters attending.  It was a special time for us and others to spend this time with our girls and Kaylee loves dancing. 

During the event, I found out why this local church put the event on.  It was really neat to hear that the princesses and parents all volunteered their time for one main purpose.  To raise money for the poor children in DC who struggle to get their next meal.  The event was a success and raised over $4,500!

Our real estate team, the 12:45 Team have a big mission this year also and that's to give $20,000 back to the 3 charities we support.  We are really close to hitting this # and we could use your help.  We want to hear what organizations you support either with your time or money.  We want to help support them monetarily also.   Just email me back today to find out how we are willing to support organizations that you care deeply about.

- Nate

Continental Premier Arlington Real Estate Condos Weekly Sales Report for October 2015 12:45 Team


Relevant Real Estate Information for the Continental Premier Condos in Arlington, VA Home Value.

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As of today 10/07/2015 there 3 homes for sale in Continental Premier, 1 home under contract, and 4 homes sold in the month of September.

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Condos in Continental- 3

According to MLS, there are(is) 1 new listing(s) in the last 30 days.

According to MLS, there are 1 condo under contract.
I will have the final numbers for these once they close.

According to MLS, 4 condos sold in the month of September.

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Last month 5 homes were rented, 1 is currently pending and 5 homes are active for rent.

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Posted by: Nate Johnson - Continental Premier Real Estate Agent
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Real Estate Staging: Top five tips and photos! from the 12:45 Team Premier Real Estate Agent VA, MD & DC

Did you know that homes with staging generally sell faster – and for more money – than homes without? That's why our real estate team provides free staging for each and every home we list (and historically sees lower days on the market than most competitors!)

The goal of real estate staging is to make buyers feel like they can live in your home – because while homey to you, your personal style may not always give them the same sense of comfort. A good stager wants to present a home that appeals to the majority. 
Staging, in fact, is very different than interior design. Interior designers and decorators are bringing a specific vision to life, while a stager provides an attractive, neutral palate.

Enter our 12:45 Team Stager, Christy! Christy stages all our listings, and here are some tips from her experience.

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1.  The more natural light, the better!
We hear buyers comment on the light in a home (or lack of it) more than anything else. Removing the curtains bolted to the wall in this house not only made the space seem larger but brightened it up tremendously.

2. A little color goes a LONG way
Neutrals are a stager’s friend, but some color is necessary: The goal in this kitchen was to distract from the dated counter-tops and appliances. A bit of greenery, potted flowers and a propped-up cook book softened the space and added warmth. 

3. Sidetrack the imperfections
Every home has flaws, and buyers will often fixate on the blemishes. In this kitchen, staging props helped to downplay minor aesthetic stains and cracks on the countertop. 

4. Make an entrance
No matter how large or small your home, take special care to the first impression. When I walked into this condo to host an open house, the first thing I thought was “wow!!” The staging was simple but elegant, with just enough pop to make it homey but not so much to detract from the gorgeous hardwood floors and natural lighting.

5. If it needs it, add it!
This home, like many we sell, was already vacant and the bathrooms didn’t have shower rods. Adding a portable shower rod with a curtain and a few other touches made a world of difference.

From bland to beautiful, another bathroom also benefited from a few simple additions: A small picture, fresh towels on the rack and a pretty shower curtain (all in the same harmonious blue).   

Lastly, don’t forget to add the necessities. Make sure there’s soap in the bathroom, and a clean towel for drying for your hands. Trust me – buyers will be using your bathroom, so make sure it’s ready!

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Written by Charity Corkey - 12:45 Team